Pencil&Fox specialises in interface design.
My services offer simple wireframing to high fidelty visuals, working prototypes and production ready solutions.

The designers playbook

So you need a designer, Great! Let's take a look at whats on offer. This is my playbook, my craft and skills can be seen to help you understand better how I might be able to contribute to your web or mobile projects.


Low fidelty sketches can help focus on usabilty, user experience and flows. This is our starting point for many projects, it helps guide our direction by providing a foundation from which we build on.

High fidelty design

When you need to see the finished design as it should look pre-working to help get sign off or for presenting, this solution often helps. High fidelty designs can also be used to create crude working prototypes which in turn can be used for testing.


Building protypes using just the right amount of fidelity to generate useful test results is crucial to cost and time sensitive projects. This can be done in many different ways and no solution is a "one size fits all approach".


Successful designs are usable, resist the temptation to aim for a design that is "memorable" or a design that "pops." Remember "Content is king". Having said that, design is highly subjective and it's my job to solve problems by providing solutions.

The developers playbook

An exciting part of any project is the point in which ideas become reality. Having peace of mind is important, so clean, scalable and maintainable solutions are at the forefront of any work carried out.


Building digital products requires a focused mind and in order to reduce errors I use different tired and tested methodologies.

Static sites

Sometimes an out of the box solution from a web service is the answer and for everthing else a custom tailed solution is whats needed.


Pattern Lab helps you and your team build thoughtful, pattern-driven user interfaces using atomic design principles.


Designers refine sketches into HTML and CSS wireframes. HTML and CSS wireframes are built using "Materialize" and my own grid system Push Left Grid.

Legacy browser bug fixing

I do my best to make sure I can meet all the browser needs of my clients but sometimes extra time is required for legacy browsers.

If all else fails...

I have built up many reliable relationships with very skilled developers with a variety of experience capable of meeting the most challenging requests.

Do you need a Interface Designer?

My name is Shaun Dona you may be eager to learn about my typical work flow or curious about my work experience.

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