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About Pencil & Fox

This site is a place to house my creative experiments, make mistakes, offer something useful and help inspire other as they have me. I like many other budding young designers adopted the concept that your best chance of people seeing the best of you was to create a portfolio and so I did, many of them, year after year. This is the start of something different, maybe it's because I'm older, a family man that my self serving publication of previous work no longer sits well with me. I want this site to earn a voice and gain respect based on it's anonymous author (on the surface) because it contributes useful tools that can be built upon with a community of like minded individuals.

About me

My name is Shaun Dona and I'm a Interface designer currently working in London. I enjoy creating simple but engaging digital interfaces that solve complex problems, with easy to use, maintainable and scalable solutions. I'm always on the lookout for inspiration and open to all influences that enable me to develop and refine my own progression.


I have over 10 years experience within the digital sphere mainly working in-house for financial businesses developing frontend client facing interfaces. I've also spent time working for a small digital design agency helping clients build online brands to meet business and user objectives.

My skill set

I'm a designer first, frontend developer second. My roles have allowed me to expereince different points of a projects spectrum which has resulted in me concentrating on user interface design. This fulfills my desire to keep a "hands on approach" and scratch my creative itch.

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